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Photo of Lila Milam-Kast, a light-complexioned female with short hair and glasses

Artist of the Month: Lila Milam-Kast

A spiral-shaped award appears against a purple background. Text reads, "Artist of the Year Awards. Deadline for nominations April 30th."

Nominations Open for the 2024 Artist of the Year Awards!

A young man and woman smile with digital cameras in hand outside of a baseball diamond. Yellow and purple streaks add flair to the image. Text reads, “Artistic Vision, 2024 Spring Break Photography Internship.”

Artistic Vision Photography Internship, March 11-15th!

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Artist of the Month Lila Milam-Kast

by Jerry Slayton Our March 2024 Artist of the Month is Lila Milam-Kast. Lila has been our intern ...
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Introducing: Theatre for Us, By Us

by Kristen Gooch Attention Disabled Actors, Playwrights, and Fellow Theater Geeks! My name is Kristen Gooch. I’m a ...
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Artist of the Month Diane Perez

My Capricorn Connection by April Sullivan Our February 2024 Artist of the Month is Austin artist Diane Perez. ...
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