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A triptych of three side by side images of James. The first is a black and white photo that shows James unsmiling and surrounded by words such as, “lethargic, PTSD, drifting.” The second is half of the black and white unsmiling photo, merged with half of a smiling color photo. Here, James is surrounded by sentences such as, “I am a combat disabled veteran.” The third is the complete smiling color photo of James and features words such as, “sincere, capable, caring, pleasant.”

Artist of the Month: James Meyer

True Tales podcast episode six promotional graphic shows Photos of seven individuals along with the text, "the next generation podcast."

Tune In to the Latest Episode of True Tales by Disability Advocates

Art Spark Texas, Think Like a Designer, Summer 2023, Each Friday, June 9-30, T-Shirt, Graphics, Eco Art and Design.

New Summer Class: Think Like a Designer, June 9-30

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Artist of the Month James Meyer

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