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The Mobile Art Program (MAP) was founded by Theresa Zelazny. The program has been providing art activities to seniors with disabilities in Austin since 2007. MAP works with people 55 years and older in nursing homes, Alzheimer respite centers and adults living independently in Austin, Texas. We believe that learning is a continuous lifelong process that plays a role in keeping mentally active and promoting personal development. Through carefully designed classes led by experienced teaching artists, participants experience a renewed sense of accomplishment and resulting self-esteem; a deeper understanding of their own past and present experience; and increased social interaction and friendship in a group setting. In addition to in-person classes, we have developed a series of instructional videos for people to do at home; the videos are on our YouTube channel.

Andrew Steptoe, Director of the Institute of Epidemiology University College London, reports that, "Social contact is a fundamental aspect of human existence. The scientific evidence is that being socially isolated is probably bad for your health, and may lead to the development of serious illness and a reduced life span. We need to keep an eye on the social connections of older people, since maintaining social contacts among seniors and reducing isolation may be particularly important for their future survival.”

“I didn’t want to give up (after having two strokes) and that’s a way a lot of the ladies here feel. Mobile Arts is a wonderful program for people our age.”
Mary Lou Ledesma, age 82

Aging In Central Texas

The aging population is one of the most important demographic trends affecting Texas, with the fourth-largest population of adults (3.1 million) overage 60. A recent Brookings Institution analysis reported that Austin’s 55 and older population grew at a rate that was among the highest in the nation, and that the Austin metro area pre-senior population (55-64) grew at an astonishing rate of 110% between 2000 and 2010. The number of older residents living in poverty has increased 42 percent in Central Texas over the last 10 years, according to the U.S. census, and demographers say Austin is seeing the first signs of a growing wave that's been dubbed the "silver tsunami."

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