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Cash gifts are the simplest type of contribution. To make a tax-deductible donation, mail your check (made payable to Art Spark Texas) contributions to:

Art Spark Texas - 3710 Cedar Street #7   Austin, Texas 78705

We now accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover credit cards, as well as all debit and check cards. Call us to make your secure donation or use the form above.

Funder Level Min Contribution Max Contribution
Director's Circle$25,000$49,000
Major Funder$50,000Indefinite
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Other Ways to Give

Thank you to our Funders...

FRIEND ($10+)

Paul Redemann

Sara & Ralph Harrison

Geoffrey Porter

Ray and Ciny Tousek

Catherine DelGuidice

David Adelman

Michele Mason

Andrew & Margaret Perrie

Stacy Bruno

Barbara Glonek

Enid Libster

William and Lorraine Adair

Ronald and Marilyn Calhoun

Brandon Lack

Ronald Townsend

Kali Parsons

Mary Angelie Macabare

Hallie Speranza

Luke Stalling

Susan Thomas

Perry Jefferies

Victor Martinez

Adam Farris

Leah Marcks

Ladonna Freidheim

Leaf McCrum

Christine Turknett

Evan Woodruff

Maria SextonMaria Sexton

Melissa Knight

Chuck Rukstales

Eric Clow

Jo Anne Reyes

Beau Hesterberg

Yvette Chairez

Cynthia Pina

Celeste Chan

Dwight Gray

Naiomy Mendez

Mattew Hanzelka

Marcia Perez

Rebecca Arrichiello

Jamile Balli

Austin Rhyth and Drum

Devotion Custom Tees

Jesse McCrum

Margot Greenlee

Amy Litzinger

Maylis Arrabit

Erin Romero

Shelley Herbery

Sydney Erlikh

Gilli Hammer

Julie Rothschild

Katarzyna Skowronska

Tanja Erhart

Anna Rider

Sydney Sprung

Caitlin Moler

Jess Martin

Gina Ericson

Cara Graninger

Tanya Winters

Maria Sexton

Cindy Phillips

Sharron Rush

Rita Gonzales-Garza

Martha Gonzales

Kenneth McAlpine

Laura J. Warren

Stephanie Thomas

Leaf McCrum

Norma Tapia

Leah Marcks

Christine Ho

Katherine Mattia

Teresa Ringness

Ann Ciccolella

Teresa Ringness

Vivian McKain

Kathy G. Blackburn

Amy Bradley

Elliot Oshman

ADVOCATE ($100+)

Cathy Berrall

Mark Lasky

Walter Beck

Paula Adelman

Kathleen Cochran

Brad Blessing

Kirk Hackbarth

Gary Natwig

Nancy Hawkins

Wendy Yamilett Moran

Living Felt Fairies

Raymond Bellon

Sarah Cariello

Elizabeth Bell

Rebecca Neathamer

Micheal Clow

Susan Parker

Linda Stallman

Carrie Jeanne Boyle

Anne McDonald

Brian Marks

Diana M. Gerlach

Cameron Belcher

Cheng Leong

Jamie Wilbanks

Linda Stallman

Robert Tolaro

James Burnside

sUPPORTER ($250+)

Jennifer McKinney

Nancy Schaffel

Charles and Faye Rukstales

Maria Sexton

Jeff Dodd and Susan Ohsfeldt Fund


Dennis Borel

Creative Arts Society

PATRON ($1000+)

Dallas Webster

Allison Orr, Jill & Ross Beck

Connie McMillan

Benefactor ($5000+)

Deborah and Rebecca Mckinney

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