Artist of the Month Gunilla Sjövall (Gee)

by Silva Laukkanen Introduction Gunilla Sjövall, or Gee or grandma Owl as we all know her, has been a disability activist since 1949. Gee has spent the past […]

Artist of the Month Birdman313

by Ms. Boye Introduction I’m thrilled to introduce our featured artist and Art Spark Texas, June 2024, Artist of the Month, Birdman AKA Birdman313. Birdman, author of 13 […]

Nature as Muse

by Mobi Warren Some Morning Thoughts This morning while out on a walk I paused several times to take a closer look at some small being, honing my […]

Artist of the Month Nancy Scott

by Eric Clow Some songwriters have the uncanny ability to craft a song that feels as though it was written just for you, a song that’s so universal […]

ARTISTIC VISION: Spring Break Photography Internship

by Jerry Slayton Artistic Vision This year, over Spring Break, a group of young photography interns set out from the Art Spark offices each morning in search of […]

Artist of the Month Dwayne Scheuneman

by Silva Laukkanen Dwayne Scheuneman is a dancer, artistic director, and teacher as well as a kind, funny, and all-around amazing human being. Dwayne served eight years in […]

To Straddle the Line

by Lila Milam-Kast “Pick one!” Did you ever hear that as a child, as you stood there, unable to decide which item to choose? How about the more […]

Artist of the Month Lila Milam-Kast

by Jerry Slayton Our March 2024 Artist of the Month is Lila Milam-Kast. Lila has been our intern for six weeks now, and in that time, we’ve had […]

Introducing: Theatre for Us, By Us

by Kristen Gooch Attention Disabled Actors, Playwrights, and Fellow Theater Geeks! My name is Kristen Gooch. I’m a disabled actress, poet, and advocate from Austin, Texas. I am […]

Artist of the Month Diane Perez

My Capricorn Connection by April Sullivan Our February 2024 Artist of the Month is Austin artist Diane Perez. I have known Diane for several years. Her art takes […]

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