Nature as Muse

by Mobi Warren Some Morning Thoughts This morning while out on a walk I paused several times to take a closer look at some small being, honing my […]

Artist of the Month Nancy Scott

by Eric Clow Some songwriters have the uncanny ability to craft a song that feels as though it was written just for you, a song that’s so universal […]

ARTISTIC VISION: Spring Break Photography Internship

by Jerry Slayton Artistic Vision This year, over Spring Break, a group of young photography interns set out from the Art Spark offices each morning in search of […]

Artist of the Month Dwayne Scheuneman

by Silva Laukkanen Dwayne Scheuneman is a dancer, artistic director, and teacher as well as a kind, funny, and all-around amazing human being. Dwayne served eight years in […]

To Straddle the Line

by Lila Milam-Kast “Pick one!” Did you ever hear that as a child, as you stood there, unable to decide which item to choose? How about the more […]

Artist of the Month Lila Milam-Kast

by Jerry Slayton Our March 2024 Artist of the Month is Lila Milam-Kast. Lila has been our intern for six weeks now, and in that time, we’ve had […]

Introducing: Theatre for Us, By Us

by Kristen Gooch Attention Disabled Actors, Playwrights, and Fellow Theater Geeks! My name is Kristen Gooch. I’m a disabled actress, poet, and advocate from Austin, Texas. I am […]

Artist of the Month Diane Perez

My Capricorn Connection by April Sullivan Our February 2024 Artist of the Month is Austin artist Diane Perez. I have known Diane for several years. Her art takes […]

Communication in My Life

by Nath Freires Hi everyone! My name is Natanaele (but everyone calls me Nath), and I am currently interning at Art Spark Texas. Home for me is in […]

Artist of the Month Mary Oliver

by Jerry Slayton Let’s face it, being an “Artist” is a bit of a different career path than business or finance. A career in the arts usually starts […]

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