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About Art Spark Dance

Art Spark Dance embodies the ethos of community dance. We provide people with an outlet for creative expression through movement to change people’s definition of what a dancer looks like. By practicing improvisational dance, we create a safe space where participants can fulfil their creative potential and build self-confidence, thus enabling them to grow and develop as movers.  We aim to make a positive contribution to wider social change by bringing our artistic work into public spaces, sharing our expertise of community and inclusive dance with future dance artists and educators, and presenting at national conferences at the intersection of dance, education and disability.

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Reflections from a participant:
“I already knew in theory that the world of dance can be open to people with disabilities, but it was very satisfying to feel and experience it for myself as a blind person, and for people with many types of differences who are not traditionally thought of as dancers.”

Body Shift

Body Shift Collective is a diverse, daring, and accessible community dance performance group that cultivates choreography through respecting individuality, developing human connections, and advocating for social change. Visit Body Shift here.

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Photo taken in an indoor gallery space shows a man in a power wheelchair dancing with a woman arching her back and arms towards him. A woman in the foreground extends her leg between the two.
Art Spark Texas logo

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