#GivingTuesday 2018

#GivingTuesday 2018

Be an Angel. Get an Angel. Donate $25 or more and receive a Art Spark Texas Guardian Angel.

Art Spark Texas challenges perceptions of how people contribute by creating arts-inspired, inclusive communities of individuals with diverse abilities.

We support communities of veterans; communities of dancers; communities of older adults; communities of young animators, designers, filmmakers, comics, artists, and musicians.

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Each angel is lovingly crafted by Art Spark Texas artist Sue Ducett-Lloyd-MYSCAL and is unique in color, size, and material. Comes with a grey cord to wear as a necklace or attach the charm to a keychain. (The angel photo below is for reference only. The chain pictured is not included).

guardian angel necklace

Hear Sue’s story in her own words in her Artist Statement below:

“Just one day before 9/11/01, I experienced an unexpected, massive stroke. At the age of 47 I realized life was way too short to be a workaholic, as I had been in my professional life in nursing. I worked hard to recover, but my stroke affected my emotional perceptions and I realized I had lost all feelings of joy. I decided it was time to change my focus and explore the interests I’d been putting off for ‘later.’ My goal was to find a passion and learn skills that would return joy to my life!

“As a young person, I always enjoyed tinkering with items, especially jewelry, by creating new items and altering pieces. Anything left around the house was a possible target of my re-creating. Family beware!

“In 2004 I took a fused glass class with my sister and totally fell in love with glass. It’s a wonderful medium and there are very few limitations to your creative ideas. I’ve been working primarily with glass for about 6 years now.

“Over the last few years, I have focused on using recycled or repurposed glass for my creations. People bring me their used wine and beer bottles and I reanimate them into usable items. My favorite new item is creating interesting plates, platters, dishes, and coasters from used glass shelves. This ‘float glass’ has a beautiful soft green hue that I enhance with texture and shape. Using recycled glass is unusual, interesting, and just the right thing to do in this era!

“This was my hobby, that morphed into an obsession, that became a business. This led to the name MYSCAL.

“My goal is to create items for people that will bring beauty, joy, and a little fun into their lives.”

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