Artist of the Month: Keith Davis

Artist of the Month: Keith Davis

Keith Davis spent his formative years growing up on the plains and prairies of West Texas. The wide, open vistas and blue, cloudless skies continue to have a profound influence on his work today. Whether looking at the horizon through the rear view mirror in a Ford F150 truck, or lounging in the back of the flat bed with your faithful, canine companion, Keith transports you to a place where the sun shines relentlessly and, without a hat or a bit of shade, your skin can become dry and brittle within a fleeting moment.

painting of jackrabbit running through desert
“Run Jack Rabbit, RUN!” by Keith Davis

He started painting as a child, when he was with his father on an outing and saw a painting that just stopped him in his tracks. Upon learning that people could “do art” for a living, he was hooked. Although for many years he did other things to pay the bills – an EMS technician, a hairdresser – art was always there, lingering, looking over his shoulder. When fate brought him to Austin, he finally gave in to the muse, and picked up a paintbrush for good.

painting of cowboy playing guitar and singing at a desert campfire
“Singing a high lonesome by the campfire with his best friend” by Keith Davis

Keith’s inspiration has taken him down many artistic paths. He whittles animals and other inhabitants of the West Texas desert, carves rustic scenes from plywood, assembles found objects into sculptures, and paints his unique vision using both oil and acrylic paints. Every day is a new day when it comes to creativity and artistic vision. He is mostly self taught, which would place him in the outsider art genre, but his appreciation of artists worldwide continues to challenge him to learn new techniques, continually surprising himself and his collectors with his inventiveness.

Wood carving of owl with snake in its beak
“Looky what I got for you, a scrumptious snake said the owl” by Keith Davis

His work is represented by San Angel Folk Art Gallery in San Antonio, who has been a long time supporter of Keith and his artistic development.

Currently, Keith is experiencing some bad luck and could use some help finding a studio/room where he can live and/or work. If you are in the Austin area, and know of a place that may be just the answer to this challenge, please contact Art Spark Texas and we will be happy to pass along the information. He is not able to work at the present time, and he is bursting with ideas that he wants to express on his canvas. We appreciate any and all opportunities you may have.

Keith Davis being interviewed with one of his cowboy paintings in the background

We are so proud to count Keith as one of our Art Spark Texas artistic family members, and for this reason, he is the August 2019 Artist of the Month!

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