Transitioning Out of Military Service

Transitioning Out of Military Service

“I want to try that!”

Have you read the famous Herman Melville short story “Bartleby, the Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street?” The story explores the theme of isolation in American life and the workplace through physical and mental loneliness. The main character, Bartleby, never leaves his office, refuses to do his work, and repeats his famous words, “I would prefer not to.

For many Veterans, transitioning out of military service can be a lot like what Bartleby experiences. Isolation, depression, and lack of motivation can bring about the attitude that we would just “prefer not to.” But we want to encourage Veterans to fight that urge and turn it around to “I want to try that!” Whether it’s dance, music, writing, or visual art. Just getting creative can be a first step out of negative thoughts and actions.

man using chalk to create art on paperThe staff and teaching artists at Art Spark Texas are here to provide those opportunities for you. We are expanding our Veteran Arts programs in 2020, and have many great offerings coming to new areas of Texas. So, with lots to choose from, what do you want to try?

In Austin, we have our monthly open mic. Writers, comedians, and acoustic musicians are encouraged to come and try out new material in front of a friendly audience in an intimate environment at Malvern Books. We also host beginner dance classes, plus an art and writing class at the Austin VA Outpatient Clinic.

New in San Marcos

teacher at chalkboard with Scriveners' Circle written on the boardWe are starting writing classes and an ongoing writers’ circle!
Plans are in the works for programs in Houston, Texarkana, and the Rio Grande Valley.

For more details about any of these opportunities, please visit

Valentine’s Day is also DD214Day

This Friday, February 14th is Valentine’s Day. We are joining other Veteran organizations and businesses to support each other and use February 14th as a day to intersect our fields of fire.

This day is to serve as a reminder that there is life… there is purpose after discharge. Together we can help each other find it.

By celebrating February 14th as DD214 Day, we hope to inspire Veterans that passion, purpose, and mission do not have to end at discharge. By celebrating that wonderful document, as well as promoting what we have found a purpose in, this can inspire others! #DD214Day.

numerous veteran organization logos

-April Sullivan, Artworks Director

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