Artist of the Month: Jeremy Schack

Artist of the Month: Jeremy Schack

Jeremy SchackJeremy Schack is a multi-talented Arlington, Texas artist. I met him several years ago when he was a photographer. His focus was on sports photography and he had found his niche as the photographer for the Movin’ Mavs wheelchair basketball team at the University of Texas Arlington (UTA). Jeremy’s photographs were one of our last solo shows at Access Gallery in 2012. Titled The Art of Sport, the show featured Jeremy’s large scale printed photographs next to quotes written directly on the walls such as “Never Stop Dreaming.” He brought a DJ friend from Arlington with him to play music at the opening reception.

I recently checked in with Jeremy to see what he has been doing since 2012. He is still doing photography, mainly using his iPhone, which is easy because it is always on him. He works at UTA in the IT department of UTA Libraries directing videos for Mad Studios and overseeing graphics. He is currently in graduate school at UTA getting a Masters in Communications.

A person wearing a blue basketball jersey holds a basketball while sitting in a wheelchair on a basketball court.
“The Art of Sport” exhibition photo of Movin Mavs basketball player Jorge Sanchez by Jeremy Schack.

Music is his main artistic passion right now. He has been into music since he was a kid. His dad was in a band and got him into listening to artists such as Bob Seger. After having a brain injury as a child, Jeremy’s mom tried to get him into percussion to aid in his recovery of coordination. He later taught himself to play guitar and listened to bands such as Korn and Linkin Park in high school. The music Jeremy is creating now can be found here. He creates music under his own name as well as Minister of Sound. He creates his music in Garage Band using guitar, beat boxes, and random percussion. His music has gained a following on Spotify with over 150,000 streams from listeners worldwide. Check it out! He hopes to get back to playing live at open mics and other shows when he can.

On top of all this, Jeremy also has an Etsy page where you can get tote bags, face masks, notebooks and more with his artwork on it.

And Jeremy has a fiancé – Congratulations! I love the quote he has on his website homepage: Never look back and ask “What if.” I can’t wait to check back in a few more years to see what new and exciting things Jeremy has going on.

Come meet Jeremy Schack at our upcoming virtual Community Conversation on Wednesday, April 14th from 7 to 8 pm CDT!

ID: A person wearing a blue basketball jersey holds a basketball while sitting in a wheelchair on a basketball court.

April Sullivan, Director of Programs

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