Creating for everyone with Computer Science

Creating for everyone with Computer Science

By Andrea Tovar 

Hi, I’m Andrea Tovar and I’m a student at Bennington College. I’m currently an intern at Art Spark Texas assisting with Spanish Audio Description. 

I became interested in computer science because I was able to create something and help others in a way in which I am comfortable. I’m not the loudest person and through coding I was able to express myself. Technology is evolving and often apps/websites are created without thinking about others whether it’s a language barrier, or visual disabilities and other disabilities.  

I’ve taken a UX Design course and I was able to learn about what to think about when creating a website. Through having a clear audience I’m able to make certain decisions such as deciding what colors to choose, what size font, and what to include. These decisions can help me create something that can be more accessible to the public.  

Now that I’m older and learning a new language, I’ve realized the importance of captions and how they help the viewer understand what they see. I’ve watched films/videos in English where they add captions in Spanish and they are often not accurate. This causes confusion to someone who doesn’t understand Spanish or is just starting to learn it. For instance, while learning French, when we watch a video the professor often comments on the captions and how the word that was used has a different meaning than the one that was used. By learning and having knowledge of various topics I will be able to better understand how to create something for the audience I need.  

Through this internship I am able to learn more about what Art Spark Texas does to help people with disabilities and be able to use the knowledge to help me in the future when I design programs.  

A headshot of Andrea Tovar outdoors on a sunny, snowy day.
[ID: Andrea standing on some snow. There are trees without leaves in the background.]

Andrea Tovar (she/her) is a senior at Bennington College. She studies Computer Science and French. She enjoys baking, going on walks, watching movies with friends and traveling.  

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