In Memory of Artist Gary Bachers

In Memory of Artist Gary Bachers

On August 15th of this year, our community lost a tremendously talented and determined artist in Gary Edward Bachers. A beloved family physician, Gary survived a massive hemorrhagic stroke at age 38. This stroke resulted in expressive aphasia and the loss of all use of his right arm, but it also sparked a successful career as an artist for more than 36 years. In the wake of his stroke, he gained a new “voice” in art.

Gary Bachers headshot
Gary Bachers

We first learned of Gary when he was nominated for our 2021 Mobile Art Award (now called the Gloria Bond Creative Aging Award). We present this award annually to artists ages 65 or older who exemplify our belief that engagement in the arts improves emotional well-being, supports good health, strengthens social bonds, and brings a heightened experience of purpose and joy

Gary’s wax pencil drawing of a boat beneath a full moon
An empty, oarless rowboat floats in a flooded rice field in Gary’s wax pencil drawing, “The Boat, 2022.” The water reflects the boat in the light of the full moon found in many of Gary’s works.

As we reviewed Gary’s nomination, we were deeply moved by his story, and we marveled at his vibrant and incredibly detailed wax pencil drawings. He embodied resilience, inventiveness, and grace. Naturally, Gary Bachers became our 2021 Mobile Art awardee—a recognition he wholeheartedly deserved.

Gary’s wax pencil drawing of Monarch butterflies
Monarch butterflies encircle a full moon in Gary’s wax pencil drawing, “Monarch Butterflies in Rings #2.”

We hope you will join us in remembering this remarkable, creative individual whose life expressed the miraculous healing power of the arts. The video below features Gary’s close friends and family discussing his work along with several of his drawings:

You can view more examples of Gary’s work on his website and read a complete obituary of Gary Bachers on his Facebook page.

1 thought on “In Memory of Artist Gary Bachers”

  1. Thank you Art Spark for sharing this sad news and Gary’s work. He was an amazing man and artist. He lost so much due to his stroke….but he went on in a new direction and learned the language of art. He was passionate about his second career.
    He never complained or felt sorry for himself. He pushed forward perfecting his drawings and developing a signature style.
    He working until his last day.
    Gary is so missed by all who loved him and loved his art…..but especially by me, his wife. Grateful for 50 years together
    Thank you

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