Side by Side Internships

Side by Side Internships

Art Spark Texas (formerly VSA Texas) offers opportunities within a technology and arts-based environment to support young adults with disabilities. We design side by Side Internships for young adults transitioning from school to adult life. These intensive internships are one to eight weeks long and give the interns skill building knowledge and hands-on work in creative industries such as film, photography, radio, and music. Interns work in small teams with local professionals in their field of interest.

AST Side by Side

Social Media Internship: Postponed

Download application: Social Media Internship Application (Word .docx file)

Learn about social media, PODcasts and more! During an 8-week course, participants will investigate, research, and design an interview-style PODcast for social media about things that interest them in the local arts and media scene. Side by Side participants will work with Jerry Slayton, Art Spark project director, to learn what it takes to be part of a social media team. They will learn about the variety of jobs associated with making a podcast, including but not limited to script development, audio recording, director, sound engineering, editing, and more. Gain hands-on experience while producing an engaging and effective pod cast for distribution on social media. Guests, including producers from KOOP Radio, will offer expertise on digital media and communication, sound effects, and more. The internship will also provide hands-on opportunities to produce an on-air segment.

  • Schedule: The internship will be Tuesday mornings for eight weeks.
  • Dates: To be announced
  • Time: 9:30 – 11:30 am
  • Location: Room 101 of the AGE Building at 3710 Cedar St. in Austin.

Application Process:

    • Complete application form and submit to [email protected] If you have any questions or need assistance to make this form accessible to you, please contact April Sullivan at 512-454-9912.
    • Submit resume and letters of recommendation to [email protected]
    • Submit optional materials that may be used in the determination of your application review. Although not required for consideration, it is always helpful to share some of your creative work

Download application: Social Media Internship Application (Word .docx file)

Social Media Internship
Join the team this March and become part of the PODsquad. Investigate, research, and design in interview style podcast for social media about things that interests you, the local arts and media scene.

Download Social Media Application (Word .docx file)


This program in partnership with AIGA pairs local graphic designers with young adults with disabilities ages 16-22 to give voice to social cause that is important to them. Working together with a professional graphic designer, youth have the opportunity to express something that is significant to them, and, more importantly, have someone to listen. At the same time learning valuable graphic design skills from a professional one-on-one. Interested in being a Giving Voice Austin 2020 Graphic Designer?

Submit an application today! 

In October 2018, Giving Voice hosted eight pairings between professional AIGA graphic artists and Art Spark Texas young adults with disabilities. The social cause posters were designed in four Saturday working sessions. Each student receives a professionally printed copy of the poster and one framed copy is available for auction. All proceeds go back into the program for 2019 when we host another group of young graphic designers and their professional pair.

Graphic Design Foundations: Postponed

Instructor: Jerry Slayton
Download Giving Voice Application Deadline Extended: February 14, 2020
A week-long Spring Break Graphic Design Foundations Course, led by Jerry Slayton, gets you prepared for your one-on-one pairing with a graphic designer. Then, the following four Saturdays, you will work with a graphic artist to create and then present a unique poster for your cause. In past years, we have promoted anti-bullying, support for foster parents, gender id, disability awareness, care for the environment, self-advocacy, and much more. What is your cause? Come share it with us and the world!
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Request an application by contacting April at [email protected]
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