New Art Spark Artists

New Art Spark Artists

Art Spark Texas is pleased to welcome two new artists, Gina Humble and Beck Seitsinger. Their work will be on display in the 11th Annual Holiday Art & Gift Show December 3-23, 2019 with an pening reception from 5:00 to 8:00 pm on Tuesday, December 3rd at the Art Spark Texas Rm#101 Gallery located in the AGE Building of Central Texas.
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Gina Humble

Artist Gina Humble initially began creating photo jewelry to have affordable gifts to give to friends and family. Over time, her jewelry-making has evolved into an essential form of art therapy for her. Gina says, “Working with the colors, patterns, glass, and metals helps distract my attention away from the daily challenges associated with fibromyalgia, lupus, TMJ disorder, and CVID, an immune system disorder. I find it incredibly satisfying to complete a new piece of jewelry and enjoy modeling my craft, by wearing the finished pieces wherever I go.”

Gina began her study of photography in high school, and continued to pursue photography as a hobby, focusing primarily on foreign travel and subjects found in nature. In 2011, however, she put away her camera, when symptoms of fibromyalgia became extreme and taking photographs became too painful to do.

​In 2013, when her brother gifted her with an old smartphone, she discovered she could take photographs again, as long as she did so in short blocks of time. Today, most of the photographs she uses in her photo jewelry pieces are taken nearby: in her yard, in the neighborhood, at the garden store, even in the fresh flowers section of the grocery store. ​The kaleidoscope designs in her jewelry are created on her phone, using iPhone apps. Once she finds an image she likes, she replicates and alters it until she has a design she likes.

Gina says she hopes people “will be inspired by the nature reflected [in her jewelry] and feel a bit of hope as well. If I can make my way from ‘photography is over for me,’ to ‘I’m making something beautiful every single day,’ then I think anybody else can do the same.”

Beck Seitsinger

Beck Seitsinger is not only one of the newest Art Spark artists, he’s the youngest at just eleven years old. As seen in his paintings and prints, his inspiration is “cool, scary stuff,” he says.

Beck is on the Autism Spectrum. He is already an up and coming artist to watch for in Austin at a young age. Galleries and curators are already seeking his work.

His talent is just starting to emerge, so you will want to get a jump on adding some of his work to your collection while he is still relatively unknown. We’re very excited to support this young artist’s work!

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