Artist of the Month: Sarah Davis

Artist of the Month: Sarah Davis

We recently hosted our Haven Allen Artist of the Year Awards. This is an annual event which honors Texas artists with disabilities in all disciplines based upon nominations from community members. As expected, we receive many nominations. We wanted to honor some of this year’s nominees through our Artist of the Month blogs.

For the month of October, we are highlighting Sarah Davis, a painter from Wimberley, Texas. Sarah is twenty-eight years old. At the age of two, she was involved in a propane explosion accident, which resulted in burns to her face, hands, legs and feet as well as organic brain damage. Over the years Sarah has had 16 surgeries, but has always maintained a positive attitude.

Looking at Sarah’s art, it is evident she is passionate about horses, horses, and horses! She has ridden horses since she was five years old. Riding horses and creating art are therapy for Sarah. For her, combining her two passions only makes sense, as she uses horses as the subject matter in her drawings and paintings. Sarah says, “When people see my art, I want them to love it, for them to be happy and amazed by it, and for them to always enjoy it with a kind and loving heart.”

Click Here to see more of Sarah’s artwork

Sarah was also a model in the Bold Beauty Project Texas in which award-winning photographer George Krause took Sarah’s photo as a way to celebrate women who define beauty to include their abilities to boldly defy life’s challenges. See Sarah’s story and photo

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