Welcome to Austin, EXIT12

Welcome to Austin, EXIT12

Hello Art Spark blog readers,
The EXIT12 Dance Workshop is an amazing opportunity to take part in a workshop with Roman Baca, the Artistic Director and co-founder of Exit12 Dance Company. The workshop is part of the Austin Veterans Arts Festival AVAFest, taking place October 12th through November 16th, which will fill the city of Austin with art in many forms, all created by veterans. The 4-day dance workshop is open to the public, requires no previous dance experience, and will culminate with the participants being part of the performances on Friday the 18th and Saturday the 19th of October at the Dougherty Art Center.

Roman Baca founded Exit12 in 2007 “to create and perform works of high cultural significance that inspire conversations about worldly differences and the lasting effects of violence and conflict on communities, families, and individuals. Through movement, we educate audiences about the reality of war, advocate diversity and mutual understanding through cultural exchange, and champion the humanity and dignity of all persons.”

View an award-winning documentary short film about EXIT12:

Roman is currently studying for his MFA at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire for Dance and Music in London UK (my own alma mater). He previously graduated from St. Mary’s College of California with a BA in Performing Arts, and is a Masters Candidate in Nonprofit Management at Columbia University. He has received several awards, including the most recently awarded the Selma Jeanne Cohen Fulbright Dance Lecture. He will be presenting at the 2019 Fulbright conference in Washington, DC. Oh, and by the way, he also joined the United States Marine Corps, serving as a machine-gunner and fire-team leader in Fallujah, Iraq during the Iraq War.

For a deep dive with Roman, his experiences, and his art, listen to my interview with him on the independent podcast DanceCast which features conversations with people who create dance in non-traditional places with non-traditional dancers. You can subscribe to it on Apple iTunes, or wherever you get your podcasts.

And remember, if you are interested in participating in the workshop don’t forget to register here . Tickets for the October 18th and 19th performances may be purchased here. Hope to see you at the Dougherty Art Center!

Silva Luakknen, Director of Integrated Dance


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